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ThinkAccess Learning, Training & Tech Support

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We are in the process of setting up a tech support team and Instructors to help blind and low vision people learn and understand their assistive technology & Daily Living skills.

Please take a few minutes and take a survey on what you would like to see, or send us an e-mail to

Here is the survey:

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If you have what it takes to help others maximize their potential, then become an instructor or join our network of in-person trainers.

Please contact us at and let us know a little about you and provide us with your contact information.



ThinkAccess for Business


ThinkAccess is a site dedicated to bridging the gap between Business and the disabled community. We offer a wide variety of services to help you reach more people by knowing how to adapt to the various needs of your diverse customer base.


Our nationwide network of disabled Americans are here to help you understand the needs of your disabled customers and overcome any gaps that may come between you and the people you are serving.


We offer the following services, however, if you have a need not listed please contact us, and we will help in any way we can.

e-mail us with any questions:


Restaurant Menus

We offer printing and embossing services to create a top of the line restaurant menu.



Our network of talented techno geeks can help you make sure that your app or website is accessible to the disabled. So, if you are an app developer or website administrator, contact us to get a comprehensive evaluation of your product.


In Person Sensitivity Training

Have one of our knowledgeable staff come to you and give you a helping hand with how to understand a disabled person’s needs. This is a great way to learn about techniques used with a variety of disabilities and squash those misconceptions that are often associated with a disabled person.

These sessions are great for businesses, agencies, and corporate offices. If you have disabled customers, disabled job applicants, or disabled employees, take some time and learn a little bit about the challenges they face.


In Person Sign Language Interpreter

We will send a sign language interpreter to your seminar or function to give equal access to your material.


We are also looking for salespersons around the country to promote our organization. This means making money by referring a restaurant to have us create a menu for them, or a company to have us provide an in-person sensitivity trainer or sign language interpreter. 

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